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About Green Mountain Academy

Green Mountain Academy was founded in 2014 as an organization committed to competition-based training for snowboard and freeski athletes age 7+. From big mountain and freestyle skiing to all disciplines of snowboarding, we offer programs which further development beyond instruction-based lessons. Our dedicated and highly-skilled coaches lay a clear path for maximum growth using the U.S. Ski and Snowboard training system in combination with our skill progression system.  Our staff is one of the highest certified group of coaches in the country. These amazing individuals empower athletes to support each other, respect self/others, set goals for personal growth, manage fear/risk/reward, overcome adversity, and have fun while representing their sport in a responsible and respectful manner.

Our Mission

To empower the next generation of snowboard and freeski athletes to positively influence the community and culture of our sport; to foster physical and mental well-being; and to be stewards of the earth.

What Parents Say

GMA has helped our sons test their limits and develop an appreciation for the unique outdoor winter, mountain environment.  During COVID disruptions last winter, GMA was the lifeline of socialization, outdoor activity, and a sense of the familiar. Thank you for the amazing work you do!

GMA gives my kids the opportunity to spend the day outdoors doing what they love, skiing. It instills confidence in their ability to excel mentally and physically. I couldn’t image winter without GMA.

I support GMA because they bring more opportunities to youth to ski which teaches risk taking, confidence and provides an athletic outlet.

GMA teaches my daughter how to build her confidence and try new things.  It motivates her and she feels proud to be a part of a group of like minded people who share the same love and passion for skiing.

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