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GMA Future Facilities Campaign

GMA Snowboard and Freeski Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  We are raising funds toward the goal of developing our own independent training hill and new headquarters.

Our goal is to improve the athlete training experience by developing a GMA curated training hill in our community. The features will be just what our athletes need, and they will be sessionable in a way that is not possible at most mountains.

The new GMA Headquarters will  house offices and our academic campus.


Training Hill zoomed in and unspecific.png


Develop an immaculate terrain park which will include: 

  • snow-sculpted, machine-built, and hand-shaped park features air training site

  • several takeoffs

  • jump line

  • rails and boxes of a variety of size and shape to promote athlete progression 

  • cross course

Purchase and install a Surface Lift, (TOW PRO Rope tow 200-800 ft), snow guns, compressor, and power generator, and a grooming or drag machine

Host GMA training sessions, training camps,  regional events, beginner lessons, and special events for organizations that support those experiencing inequality.

Other Benefits

Avoid lift lines and Mountain Road traffic

Decrease GMA footprint at Stowe Mountain Resort on busy times and during pandemic

Fundraising Goal: $200,000

Hero $5,000      


Superstar $1,000  

Allstar $500      

Teammate $250

Friend $100

Contributor $50

Supporter $25

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