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Hans Von Briesen, photographer


Storm days are by far my favorite. Cozy inside our gear, under the canopy of trees, the quiet sounds of powder swishing by as we float. The smiles that only storm days bring. It was early in the day and we knew exactly where the solitude would be. It was like giving a kid the keys to an arcade, only this arcade was Mansfield and the keys were Alix and her skis. The single frame works, but I felt that the composite helped tell the story and invite the viewer into the experience just that little extra bit.


Artist, athlete and outdoor adventurer. Hans is always ready to document the groovy happenings in life whether accompanying the boys to a jump build, capturing the Mansfield alpenglow, or following his wife around the mountain. Hans is always up for a good time!

Instagram @hansjw


print 20 x 30

frame 24 x 36

Photoshop Can't Replace a Powder Turn, 24x36

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