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Melissa Mitchell, photographer


Alex Holcomb going big over a backwoods kicker near Sterling Pond


Melissa Mitchell has been a hobbyist photographer for the last 4.5 years all thanks to her husband. Having dabbled in photography in high school, she always enjoyed art in many forms but never had the time or mentor after high school to keep up with photography. Then came along the husband who is a wildlife photographer and helped her find time to practice, learn, and understand photography again but in a whole new light with fast action. When Melissa had some friends going for a hike to build a jump, she asked to tag along. She enjoyed doing this shoot in 2020 and everything she learned from it and looks forward to getting out there again this season for some more backyard booter action.


Instagram @Shortymcfly88 & @themandmduo


print 20 x 30

frame 24 x 36

Local Yocal, 24x36

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