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Ashley Rosemeyer, photographer


I have been eyeing this side hit for a number of years at Bolton and found the perfect opportunity to get a few buds out on one of the warmer nights this past season. Nothing beats Sean Dillion landing this trick and everyone working the lifts cheering and going wild.


Former Yinzer currently residing in Burlington, VT working as a freelance photographer. Ashley has been shooting in the action sports industry for the past 10 years and has a rack of clients including: Red Bull, The North Face, Rome Snowboards and beyond. When she isn't out shooting photos, you can find her exploring new places by bike, soaking up the sun when it comes out and spending every second she gets on her snowboard in the winter. If you'd like to see more of her work be sure to check out her website and social channels.

instagram @thrashley_photo


print 20 x 30

frame 24 x 36

A Different Perspective, 24x36

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